20137 – Advanced Statistics

I realize that probably this is one of the most difficult courses in our program (ESS Bocconi). In fact, I invested a big deal of time studying it.

Here you can find some materials I have done while I was following the course of Advanced Statistics with Prof. Marco Bonetti during the fall semester of 2012:

-My handwritten notes (161 MB) taken with Notability on my iPad: Here

-A review of distributions that you should know by heart: Distributions

-A review of the most important formulas that you should know by heart (also): Important Formulas for Statistics

If you wanna know how do I take notes on my iPad, visit my post Using Notability as your everyday notebook

4 thoughts on “20137 – Advanced Statistics

  1. Hi your notes that you took on your ipad 161mb
    On Dropbox are no longer available.. Any possibility to get these from you?
    Thank you in advance

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